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Here are a few references we have received via email, text, and messenger.  Contact available upon request.

Here is a litter of mini aussie puppies.  These puppies are for sale.
Miah & Puppies.jpg

Ryan C.

"I have had a wonderful experience with New River Gorgeous Puppies.  Jean was prompt and knowledgeable with concern to any questions that arose about the breed and puppies.  She would send updates, and plentiful pictures of all the puppies in the litter including information about their maturation, to ensure the puppy was the right fit for me.  I did not meet my puppy beforehand and trusted her throughout this process.  After spendding the first year with my new boy, I felt I had made the right decision.  I am delighted with New River Gorgeous Puppies and would recommend them to anyone."

David B

 Wow, what an experience.  From the moment I first spoke with Jean, I knew we had found our breeder.  She created a group text to buyers and potential buyers and continuously updated us on what was happening with the mother.  Then came weekly pictures and updates on the litter.  You could tell ow much she loved her pups and she made sure each buyer was capable on raising a Vizsla.  I visited twice a month after the pups were bon to watch their progress and was very pleased with the space they had to run and be puppies.  Once you selected your pup she customized emails every week to let you know about your puppy.  When the day came to pick up my pup, it was amazing.  She had a travel bag with toys and a blanket which was covered in mom's scent.  I've worked with a few breeders in my time, and I can honestly say that there is no better than Jean.  Feel confident that you have found a remarkable person to handle you puppy, also someone who will answer every question you have along the way.

John C.

"I bought a vizsla puppy from New River.  I would highly recommend them (Gracie) our vizsla puppy, was well socialized and one of the smartest puppies I have had in the 50 plus years I have had this breed."

John F.

I highly recommend breeder Jean Pfau of New River Gorgeous Puppies.  We recently obtained a male Vizsla puppy from Jean and it was an extremely positive experience.  Jean's dogs are beautiful and have the most wonderful temperaments.  I was impressed by Jean's professionalism, her integrity and, most of all her love for her puppies and dogs.  The puppies are reared in a loving caring environment, and as part of her large extended family.  From the very start, Jeans's dogs are socialized, learn puppy skills and receive appropriate medical care.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to be a proud owner of one of Jean's dogs.  You will never regret it.

Here is a mini aussie puppy.  This puppy is for sale.

Abby K.

"The entire puppy buying process from start was great.  I had sent and inquiry and within minutes received and email response.  After we placed our deposit, we received weekly updates, including pictures, vet checks, and videos.  At the time of pickup they had agreed to meet us half way, as we were states away! The family was so kind, and our sweet Chillie is such a people person, loving and affectionate.  You can tell they were family raised since birth.  We will continue to use them time and time again if we ever decide to expand.  Thank you for completing our fur family!"

Haley R.

I adopted a Vizsla from New River Gorgeous Vizslas and Mini Aussies back in September 2021.  While it was so hard to choose a puppy from the litter, I could not be happier with my baby girl, Meshuggah.  Jean was wonderful to work with, and kept me updated with tons of cute photos before adoption day.  Not only is Mush beautiful, she has a lovely temperament, is extremely sweet and cuddly, and has been very easy to train  When I am able to move to a place with a larger backyard, I will most definitely adopt a sibling for Mush and New River will be the first place I go.


Kim S.

"Jean is a loving breeder and it shows in her pups.  My Seneca was delivered clean and healthy.  I received regular updates untiled she was able to leave her mother.  I would recommend getting a pup from Jean, you won't be sorry."

Sonia V.


We had such a wonderful experience with purchasing  our puppy from New River Gorgeous Vizslas and Mini Aussies.  We received a big welcome when our family wanted to visit on a Sunday afternoon to just play with the pups.  Jean was so knowledgeable on the Vizsla breed.  She texted us every few days with an abundance of puppy pictures and kept us informed o their health and developing personalities.  Everything about our experience was positive.  It's been almost a year since we purchased Murphy and we still keep in contact with Jean.  We highly recommend New River Gorgeous Vizslas and Mini Aussies.  

Here is a mini aussie puppy.  This puppy is for sale.
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